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Copywriting is one of those things that everyone thinks they can do. You might be thinking the same. If so, we’d like to respectfully remind you of the old saying: if you think a professional is expensive, just wait till you see how much using an amateur will cost you! How your brand and your message is put into words is no easy task. It should jump off the page. It should move people. It’s not just proofreading for typos and bad grammar (although that’s also included, you’ll be pleased to know) – it’s the tone, structure and choice of language that will keep people reading all the way to the bottom. That will excite them, propping up the hairs on the back of their neck. That will inspire their next action. That will convince them without a doubt that you’re the brand to do business with. In short, it’s the job a craftsperson. And funnily enough, one of ours actually is short. So it must be meant.

Some examples of recent work