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Rules are everything to Guinness World Records - cos if you don't follow the rules, you can't claim the record! But in presenting official attempt instructions to their global audience of excited competitors, they found that some of the important details were lost in translation. So they asked us to help. To come up with 12 animated shorts that could act as engaging visual backup to the adjudicator at their official record attempt events.

The rules given to us were simple: no onscreen words or voiceover. And everything in their corporate colour palette. Then they started the clock and let us go! And what fun we had - setting the style, crafting the storyboards, and giving it all we had on the animation.

The result? Well, we're not a competitive bunch, but let's just say we got over the line in record-breaking style! And as always, it's the taking part that counts. So thanks for the opportunity, GWR, we're proud to not have let you down.

(Here's just a couple of the twelve animations we produced. A few more - and lots of other interesting stuff - is on here.)






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