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Five insane bargains available on Black Friday (and the other 364 days too)

Get ready. Black Friday is approaching. Prepare for another round of news footage showing rugby scrums of consumers fighting over consumables.

Now, undoubtedly, there are some excellent deals to be found on Black Friday. However, we would respectfully suggest that there are, ahem, insane bargains to be had all year round.

Here are five of our favourites.

1. All manner of stuff on free advertising sites.

All year round, advertising sites such as Gumtree are crammed full of the most amazing bargains. For example, here's one we saw for a TV in Stoke-on-Trent:

Sony 32" Had 6 months, was girlfriends but no longer with her so anyone can have it! Quality condition and 1080p HD.

Honestly, we didn't make it up. A free telly, with its own back-story of a love that turned to ashes.

2. A book.

Also available all year round, from all good bookshops. After a few minutes reading, the words make you see pictures in your head. It's like some amazing virtual reality headset, only cheaper, and you probably won't have to fight someone to get one.

american pastoral

We bought this in a charity shop for £1.50. It's really good.


3. Milk.

Don't talk to us about Black Friday bargains. Honestly, have you seen how cheap milk is? 2.27 litres from Morrisons will set you back just £1.10. With 1475 calories in the full cream version, there's enough energy in one of those bad boys to fuel a 13 mile walk. And that's for a 100kg bloke (yes, we did work it out). If that's not a bargain, we don't know what is.

4. National Geographic's photographs.

If you thought that photo of a tree that you took last year was quite good, just take a look at these.

A collection of touching, thought-provoking, beautiful, gobsmackingly amazing photos is available every day of the week, courtesy of National Geographic. Apparently, it can be viewed on any type of device — even quite old ones — that can connect to that internet thing .

5. Oxygen.

According to leading scientists, regular consumption of this 'wonder gas' can keep you alive and enjoying electronic products for decades. We hear certain "green outlets" are just giving it away. One of the best places to grab a life-sustaining bargain is on a hill, at sunset.


Some oxygen (plus nitrogen etc), photographed on a nearby hill.

So... do we hate Black Friday?

Nah, not really. It would be a bit rich for an advertising agency to start sneering at consumer spending. And besides, there's plenty of people lining up to condemn it. In fact, it's a toss-up which is the bigger feeding frenzy, the actual event or the legions of sour-puss media commentators lamenting the end of civilization.

Nope, the point is only... erm, what was it again? Something like this: don't worry if you miss out on 30% off your favourite fill-in-the-blank. There's quite a few more out there.

And so to the plug: for anyone wanting to get their message out there, we think our agency also represents something of a year-round bargain. So even though Black Friday discounts aren't available, we still think you should talk to us.

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