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Five great sports films for a rainy Saturday

The Make It Sticky team are, to put it mildly, massive sports fans. From chess boxing to bunny jumping, we can't get enough of it.

We love proper sports too, and that's why for the second year running, we're proud to be sponsoring the Swindon Wildcats ice hockey team. Who - let's hear it for the 'Cats - are sitting top of the league after 6 wins in a row!!

(Here's some live footage of a recent win to get the pulse racing...)

But how is the avid sports fan to cope between live events? What about those rainy Saturday afternoons when you need your fix of sporting drama? When live coverage of the Dudley vs Cirencester bowls match isn't cutting it?

Ladies and gentlemen, we present our selection of Rainy Saturday Afternoon Sports Films.

1. The Waterboy

Starring the now omni-present Adam Sandler, the critical consensus on this college football caper is that it's "an insult to its genre with low humor and cheap gags." Low humour and cheap gags? Count us in. Plus it has Henry Winkler, who pretty much cancels out all negative critical opinion.

2. Happy Gilmore

One Adam Sandler sports film not enough? Brain in danger of sliding out of neutral? You need Happy Gilmore, the joyfully undemanding tale of a hockey-player-turned-golfer.

3. Any Given Sunday

Who could match the gravitas, the acting chops, of Adam Sandler? The only possible candidate is Al Pacino. He's on fine form here in Oliver Stone's story of loyalty, ambition, redemption and large gentlemen in crash helmets. Any Given Sunday is for any given (rainy) Saturday.

4. The Goon

Lovable goof Doug has a talent for punching people in the face, really hard. He is employed by a Canadian Ice Hockey team to punch other players in their faces, really hard. Lots of really hard face-punching ensues. All you need to know.

5. Invincible

Rounding out our rainy Saturday viewing is Invincible, the true story of a Philadelphia barman who found a place on a pro-football team. It features a bravura performance from Mark Wahlberg, looking considerably more comfortable than in his epically miscast role as a professor of Literature.

Not only are these sporting films great Saturday afternoon fodder, they're also our stepping stone to achieving the NHS guideline of taking 150 minutes of moderate exercise a week. We'll start off by watching 150 minutes of exercise and take it from there.

Looking to top the league tables? Want the crowds chanting your name? Give us a call.

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