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Our perfect office

It has come to our attention that some ad agencies have simply stupendous offices. Sleek spaces that whisper an understated elegance. Hip fun factories that could double as playrooms. Chic ideas warehouses with exposed pipework and no plaster on the walls.

The Make It Sticky office is not like these. It's an officey office. We would not describe it as stupendous.

So we started thinking about our perfect office, a super-cool work environment that would spur our creativity to new heights. And before long, we had come up with a list of criteria.

Our minimum office requirements:

1. A desk shaped like a car

corvette car desk

Photo courtesy ultimatecarssmx.blogspot.co.uk

We feel we're halfway there with this one, because one of us already owns a car shaped like a desk. We feel an office car-desk is probably like a smartphone: one of those pieces of things that, once you own one, you wonder how you ever managed without it.

2. A self-parking chair

The perfect accompaniment to a car-desk, the self-parking chair frees up precious nano-seconds for creative thinking. Though as it's activated by a hand clap, we'll have to watch out for our regular rounds of self-congratulatory applause.

3. A 49-inch computer monitor that displays a billion colours

samsung monitor

Photo courtesy Chaim Gartenburg, theverve.com

We've tried a 48" screen and 900 million colours, and they just don't cut the mustard any more. Have you tried naming a billion colours? It's quite difficult. We could only manage 23.

4. A hot tub

hot tub

Photo courtesy of shivertv.com

Essential for getting the ideas bubbling. The model shown comes with five gentlemen pre-installed, for extra sports-related talk and office banter.

5. A bass glockenspiel

Let's face it, in these uncertain times, who doesn't need a bass glockenspiel? This chap's got one in what appears to be quite a small office, so we could fit one in ours. Though if that was our office, we would plan better access to the contents of the glass-fronted cabinet.

6. A Bat-Pole

We're all set for this one. Tim already has some scaffolding poles and lard. Mo has discovered 300 VHS cases that look like books from a distance.

But then we thought...

...nah. Do we need all that stuff? It's just not very Make It Sticky. We rather like our officey office. It's comfortable and we (and the dogs) like it just fine.

And would it sound a bit sniffy to say, you really don't need a super-cool office for great advertising ideas?

Probably. So we won't say that at all.

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