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How five superfoods power our ad-writing productivity

Being part of a super-creative advertising team isn't easy. You can't just show up and expect the magic to happen. Like Olympic athletes, to achieve our peak performance, team Make It Sticky have to monitor every aspect of our lives. And that includes our diet.

Nutritional research is starting to identify a new group of superfoods, ones that directly stimulate the branding and copywriting centres in the human brain. Make It Sticky have embraced these cutting-edge findings, and we now base our diet around five key nutrients.

Pot Noodle

Containing almost no natural ingredients, this plastic tub of flavour sensations gets the neurons connecting like nothing else.

Image courtesy of Philafrenzy Wikipedia



Magically, the same ingredients that slow your blood flow to a trickle get the ideas flowing freely. We think it may be the cheese.




Sadly, plans have been announced to halve the sugar content of this traditional Scottish pop. What do they think we drink it for?

Image courtesy of Andrew Duffell Wikipedia




If nuts are good for your health, then logically, nuts surrounded by yummy chocolate and toffee can only be several thousand times better.


New Berry Fruits

When we get to the liquid centre of these traditional fruit sweets, it's like switching the Christmas lights on in our advertising brains.



Fuelling our creative engines

Now of course, we could have our tupperware filled with quinoa and goji berries, kale and pomegranate, avocado and salmon. And no doubt our arteries would be pristine, and we would live to 115. But we ask you, how can that compare to the satisfaction, the thrill, the beautiful warm glow of getting our customers' message out there?

Want to discuss what our superfood-fuelled minds can do for your brand? Get in touch.

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