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It’s Wales vs Scotland, part two.

So, a Scotsman and a Welshman go into the Make It Sticky office, and one says to the other, "My country is better because of XYZ" and the other one says, "No, it's mine because of ABC." Then one says, "We're never going to settle this with algebra, let's write blog posts instead." And so here we are.

Last month, Mo made the case for Brand Scotland. Now it's Tim's turn with Brand Wales.

Credit where credit is due.

Welsh and Scottish costumes

Can't we all just get along?

I read your defence of Brand Scotland, Mo, and you made some reasonable points.

I'll grant you that Scotland is a very beautiful country. But really, Wales can match you any day of the week. If you want to play global rankings, I think you'll find our beaches are listed in the World's top ten  (sorry, Scotland didn't make it) and North Wales is recognised as one of the best places to visit in the World (you didn't make that list either). And you might have the Cairngorms, we have the stunning Brecon Beacons. In fact, for enjoying the great outdoors, there's not much to choose between us. Oh, except you don't have to share our landscape with 68 billion biting insects. So actually, there's quite a lot to choose. Wales is better.

It's also true Scotland has produced some great engineers and inventors. They helped shape the face of the UK. Pity you didn't mention all it was all powered by Welsh coal. Not much good having technology if you've got nothing to make it run, is it?

You probably right that Wales doesn't have so many explorers as Scotland (if you're counting Scott of the Antarctic, I should have Around the World in 80 Dais), but the Welsh can travel when they want. After all, we do have a Welsh community in Patagonia. But the truth of the matter is that most Welshmen don't need to explore the far reaches of the World. Paradise is right here.

More lyricism. More imagination. More Wales.

welsh flag

Infinity times more dragons than the Scottish flag.

When you were beating the drum for Scotland, I wasn't surprised that you banged on about inventors and technology.

But the Welsh know there's more to life than things. Wales is the land of imagination and romance. A land of swirling mists, myths and legendary figures. King Arthur, faithful Gelert, and Bran the Blessed (no, not Brian Blessed) We've even got a dragon on the flag. How many dragons have you got on your flag?

So yes, you've got John Macadam and John Logie Baird. But we've got Roald Dahl. How many young imaginations has he stirred? You can keep your harsh light of the intellect. We have the warming candlelight of the heart.

And there's a lyricism in Wales that flows up from the rolling meadows and straight into our speech. Just listen to Richard Burton turn grammar into poetry:

Also, I'm surprised you dare mention poetry. Robbie Burns? Sounds like gargling with iron filings. If you want a real poet, you should try Dylan Thomas:

Yes — the power and the majesty of the human voice, Mo. How the Welsh voice inspires, even in desperate circumstances!

Maybe that's why one in five of us are still fluent in our native tongue. That will be 20 times more than in Scotland then.

There's plenty more where that came from, but I think it's pretty clear. Brand Scotland will only ever be a poor second to Brand Wales.

Arguing for your brand

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