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Stereotypes ready? Gladiators ready? It’s Wales vs Scotland.

You'd never guess it from our name, but Make It Sticky is 50% very Scottish, and 50% extremely Welsh. Well, not all of us - but the two guys in charge. Anyway, in this two part blog post, we thought we'd celebrate our agency's cultural diversity.

We'll do this using our usual method - letting Tim and Mo childishly bicker over which country is best. As they do most days. In this post, Mo will make the case for Brand Scotland.


Mo pictures his ideal Welshman.

The thing about Scotland, Tim...

...is that it's not just better than Wales, it's better than anywhere. So this "debate" about Scotland vs Wales is like Mike Tyson fighting Suzanne Vega. A bit one-sided.

Suzanne and Mike

Go on Suzanne, hit him with the apple.

For a start, Scotland was voted the most beautiful country in the world. Not the third most beautiful, like New Zealand, or even the second most beautiful — that would be poor old Canada — but the most beautiful. Not that we just have scenery, mind you. We also have world-renowned cities: the genteel majesty of Edinburgh, for example, or the vibrancy of Glasgow.

Then there's the intellectual heritage. And yes, Tim, I can spell that, thank you very much. We Scots are great thinkers. David Hume, the Enlightenment philosopher. Adam Smith, the father of modern economics. Where would we be without empiricism, or laissez-faire economics? I'll leave you to ponder that.

Rab C Nesbitt

Glaswegian philosopher and definitely not a stereotype, Rab C Nesbitt.

But we're not just lofty thinkers, Tim. Look at the practical gifts Scots have bestowed upon the world. How did you get from your lonely cottage to the office? Along a lovely smooth tarmacked road! And tarmac, of course, was invented by a Scot. Otherwise you'd be paddling up here in your coracle. Or maybe you could have stayed home and read this by hooking your computer up to a lantern — because that's all you'd have without the genius of John Logie Baird. Oh, and when you ring me to moan about all this, you can thank Alexander Graham Bell.

Cave men

Life as it might be without Scottish inventors

Now, I don't want to be negative (notice, by the way, how that sounds so much more authentic in a Welsh accent), but come on, what has Wales done to compare? Your most notable invention is dodgy cheese on toast. Any Scot who'd invented that would have his countrymen spinning in their graves. And then another brilliant Scot would harness that power for clean electricity.

Not only that, Tim...

...but we're not a one-dimensional people. We're not just thinkers, scientists and engineers. We have great explorers to our credit. Mungo Park. David Livingstone. Scott of the Antarctic (I might need to check this one). Need I mention our writers and poets? Tobias Smollett. Sir Walter Scott. And the magnificent Robbie Burns:

The unforgettable poetry of Robbie Burns

I could go on, but you get my point. It's almost embarrassing. There's no contest. Brand Scotland is better than Brand Wales.

Even as we speak, Tim is developing his riposte. In the meantime, if you'd like us to passionately argue for your brand, give us a call.

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