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They made it sticky: easyJet’s inspirational puns

Continuing our regular theme on ads that inspire, here's a question for you: how many destination-related puns do you reckon you could cram into a 179-word story?

If you're the ad guys for easyJet, the answer is twenty-four. Really. Here, marvel for yourself:

Photo: courtesy Alex Shapowal

Twenty-four separate deals wittily advertised in one short piece of text? Blimey, not a bad day's work. No wonder the ad was awarded free cross-track media at the London Underground.

And if you think about it, what a perfect ad to place in a tube station. The audience is stuck in between-trains Purgatory, starved of stimulation and furiously avoiding eye contact. What could be better than giving them something engaging to read? It's just the ticket. Ahem.

There's plenty to admire in this terrific ad: conception, execution and placement all come together perfectly. And we're green with envy at the fun that the blighters must have had creating it.

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