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73.8% of you will read this blog post – our round-up from the wacky world of marketing stats.

Polling PlaceIt’s official: 96.8% of people love random statistics.

Fair enough, we made that one up. But we bet that figure’s about right for one group of people. Marketers.

Looking at the number of marketing statistics whizzing around the interweb, marketers are tracking and measuring everything. They know the number of people that shouted advice at the telly during The Apprentice. They know the number of times you blinked reading this sentence. They know how many of those little pencils you took from IKEA.

So, let’s make the most of that vast accumulated knowledge, with a round-up of some of our favourite marketing stats:

72% of consumers who tweet a complaint to a company expect a response within the hour. Our source article goes on to say that when this need isn’t met, 60% would exact revenge by ’taking unpleasant action’. It doesn’t specify what this might be. Kicking the bin? Shouting at the cat? Drinking some shampoo? Further research is needed.

Facebook videos get 4 billion views a day. So there’s hope for Tim's rendition of ‘I will always love you’. Obviously, these four billion views are for the same 11 videos, 9 of which show cats falling off things. Meeoo-uch!


58% of an audience stop watching a video after the first 90 seconds. Now, our first response was that Peter Jackson had wasted an awful lot of effort on those Lord of the Rings films. However, it turns out that these are videos on website landing pages. It’s still heart-breaking for anyone whose made a 30 minute infomercial.

Selena Gomez is the celebrity that brands regard as most engaging on Instagram. In the first 90 days after publication, her posts average 4 million likes, comments and shares. This statistic is notable for making people like us feel so very old, because we had to look up who she was. However, having checked out her words of wisdom from Twitter, we can see what all the fuss was about. For example, July 13th’s classic tweet: Sorry I missed you Madeleine! Was on the phone with my momma! Love you baby girl (130,000 likes.)


Groupon have sold over 10,000 clip-on man buns. This statistic perfectly illustrates what can be achieved with the right marketing message. Praise for the man-bun, however, has not been universal. Gary Y commented that the man-bun was the “Stupidest thing I ever bought. Waste of money.” Though curiously, he still awarded it two stars.

80% of CEOs distrust their own marketing teams. Apparently, CEOs see them as ‘commercially disconnected’, ‘living in their own bubble’. And they never wash up their mugs. Anyway, you should hear what marketing teams say about the CEOs.


And finally... Your spouse enjoys you reading out statistics like these for half an hour at a time. This is especially true early in the morning, when they’ve just got in from work after a hard day, or when they’re trying to get to sleep. Try it – you’ll thank us for it. Promise.


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