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Boom Boom Boom, let me hear you say…

OLD TV OUT HERE BROSTesting, testing, one-two, one-two... wowzers, it's all go in Make It Sticky land. We’ve just come out of the recording studio having completed stage 1 of a brand new project for our top-of-the-pops client, cancancarfinance.com.

Rewriting the lyrics and finely tuning the composition of the Outhere Brothers classic 90’s hit, ‘Boom Boom Boom’, we’ve produced a sticky, upbeat radio number that’s already keeping car speakers pumpin' throughout Wales.

An animated TV commercial is next, so keep your eyes peeled for its debut on ITV, S4C and Sky in the next few weeks.

Of course, if you'd like your business to stand out from your competitors in broadcast, a famous piece of music is a great way to go. And with over 30 years experience in audio production - and Tim's floor to ceiling collection of mix tapes from old girlfriends - we're ideally placed to help you make an impact! Which is what we think our old pals the Outhere brothers were trying to get at when they said...

Back in da room [translation: Get back out in the marketplace]
Ready to rock the world wiv a boom [Erm, when you want to stand out]
So I hope u can stand the vibration [Why not shake things up a little]
Coz we're bout to rock the entire nation [It's a rocking good way to have huge impact etc..]

Obvious really. Cheers.

Just Tim 'n Mo

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