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Fresh out the box

New equipment

Can we still say we’re new after three weeks? Yeh, course we can, still on our paper round. Anyway, it’s not just the agency that’s still got that new car smell (courtesy of Mo’s Lynx Africa) – we’ve also got ourselves some brand spank new shiny kit, haven’t we?

State of the art machines, the latest software, a new set of crayons for Tim and even a ball and a bone for Make It Sticky’s two non-executive board members, Molly & Bryn.

So, all we need now is an excuse to fire them up (not the dogs, the new computers)! So if you’ve got a super duper project or campaign coming up that needs some duper super new ideas, let us know. We’ll put some inspiration in the disk drive, download some creative juices and press that big red button. Cos apparently that’s how it works.

Why don’t we find out together?

Just Tim 'n Mo

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